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I’m Ben, an Award-Winning Freelance Motion Designer From London.

With over 12 years of experience crafting eye-catching animations, I am a freelance motion designer dedicated to bringing your vision to life through bold motion graphics that capture attention and achieve results.

Freelance Motion Designer | Ben Ramasami | BBCPasschendaele Project

BBC Passchendaele Centenary

Dramatic Passchendaele projections to mark WW1 centenary

freelance motion designer

Enterprise – Ready When You Are

Bringing energy to Enterprise social campaign

freelance motion designer

Puma: Trailblazers

Trailblazing motion for Puma footballers

freelance motion designer

Arsenal FC – The Breakdown

Arsenal series enhanced with vibrant motion graphics

freelance motion designer

Spotify – Privacy Controls

Visualizing Spotify's privacy features through motion

freelance motion designer

Barbour International – The Badge of an Original

Fusing heritage and innovation for Barbour campaign

freelance motion designer


Bringing data to life through motion for Attest

freelance motion designer

Rio 2016 Olympic Channel

Motion Graphics for Olympic Channel's Rio 2016 Coverage

freelance motion designer

HOFr mobile app

Showcasing HOFr's vibrancy through motion

freelance motion designer


Animating viral FIFA 21 launch stickers

freelance motion designer

Uncommon in 118 Seconds

Energizing Uncommon's showreel with motion

freelance motion designer

Cartoon Network – Hall of Games Awards

Dynamic 3D Motion Graphics for Cartoon Network's Hall of Game

Why hire me?

12+ years experience

Over 12 years of captivating, story-telling experience as a freelance motion designer.


Transforming narratives into visually stunning graphics that leave a lasting impression.


Excelling in clear, effective communication for impactful visual storytelling.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between motion graphics and animation?

Motion graphics and animation utilize moving imagery but have key differences. Animation involves creating hand-drawn, organic looking visual content like characters and effects. Motion graphics design sleek graphical elements like typography, logos, and transitions with a modern aesthetic. While animation focuses on storytelling with characters, motion graphics communicate information dynamically for branding, commercials, and broadcasts. The skills are distinct but complementary – motion graphics are often incorporated into animated content. Using both motion design and animation together allows for compelling visual storytelling. Working as a freelance motion designer, I have experience and skills in both animation and motion graphics. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Why are animated gifs useful on social media?

Animated GIFs are incredibly useful on social media platforms. They capture attention, convey emotions, and make content more engaging, which can significantly boost user interaction. GIFs are easily shareable, making them perfect for spreading brand messages or sparking conversations on social media. They’re also great for explaining complex ideas in a simple, visual way. Plus, they add a fun, human touch to social media posts, helping brands connect with their audience on a deeper level. In a nutshell, using animated GIFs on social media can enhance your content strategy and drive more engagement.

What is a motion designers job?

This highly creative role involves conceptualizing and producing animated visual content like kinetic typography, logo reveals, animated infographics, and other dynamic motion design elements. An experienced freelance motion graphics designer should have proficiency in animation and visualization software like Adobe After Effects along with graphic design skills. Strong collaboration, communication, project management ability and a keen visual eye are key. Check motion design portfolios and client work samples that showcase their animation skills and aesthetic sensibilities. A skilled freelance motion designer will bring your brand stories to life with visual flair and engagement. Hire one today to create high-impact explainer videos, social media posts, commercials and more.

How much do you charge?

As a freelance motion designer, the cost of my projects depends on several factors like length, complexity and your goals. To quote accurately, I need the full brief and specs to estimate required hours. More complex animation and revisions means more time and cost. My rates aim to align budget with quality – we can discuss your needs to find the right balance. Clear expectations upfront ensure I can deliver innovative motion graphics on time and on budget, bringing your vision to life with maximum visual impact.

How long do motion graphics projects take?

As a freelance motion designer, the timeline for my projects varies based on the specifics and complexity. For example, a 30-second social media animation may only take 1-2 weeks, while a 3-minute brand explainer could take 4-6 weeks with iterations and revisions. The more complex the animation and visual effects needed, the more hours and time required on my end. To provide an accurate estimate, I need all the project details upfront in the brief. I always build in extra padding to account for back-and-forth feedback. Clear communication along the way ensures we stay on track for your launch date. My aim is to deliver innovative, high-quality motion graphics on time no matter the scope. I work closely with every client to ensure an efficient process from concept to completion.

How do you work with collaborators such as writers, creative directors, technical artists, and producers?

As a freelance motion designer, I thrive on collaboration. Working with writers, I translate their vision into dynamic visuals. My interaction with creative directors helps me align my work with the overall creative strategy. Technical artists are my go-to for achieving intricate effects, while producers ensure the smooth execution of projects. This collaborative synergy is what makes every motion graphics piece unique and engaging. It’s all about blending creativity with technology to create compelling motion graphics that captivate the audience and effectively convey the message. Remember, successful collaboration in motion graphics is all about communication, respect, and shared vision.

How do you stay current with the technology and processes in the industry?

As a freelance motion designer, I stay current on the latest software, tools and workflows by actively learning new programs, techniques and best practices. I regularly read industry blogs, magazines and resources to stay updated on emerging motion graphics trends. I also watch video tutorials, take online courses, and attend conferences and meetups to expand my skills. Experimenting with new creative styles and animation methods allows me to diversify my capabilities. I follow top motion artists for inspiration. Most importantly, each new client project is an opportunity to push myself creatively and technically. I continually aim to refine my craft and processes to deliver innovative, high-quality motion graphics.

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