As a freelance motion designer, I was brought on by Attest, an innovative consumer brand and market research company, to create captivating graphics that vividly communicated data insights. The motion graphics I designed needed to present the data and insights in an accessible, engaging format optimized for social media & web. This project allowed me to utilize my skills in distilling complex information into dynamic visual content for key marketing channels.

For this diverse array of projects, I designed and animated data visualizations, infographics, typographic sequences, transitions and titles that translated complex information into dynamic visual narratives. Blending bold shapes, textures and typography with slick motion design, my graphics took dense statistics and transformed them into sleek animated stories.

From social videos exhibiting trends to animated explainers of Attest’s methodologies, my motion graphics made research insights accessible and impactful for broad audiences.

I also created graphics for their annual marketing events called BGS held in London. BGS hosts high-profile summits to bring together leaders in the brand building space for keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking. For the 2023 London summit, I designed the full motion graphics package including animated opening titles, transition slides, on-screen data visualizations, lower thirds, and end credits. My custom motion graphics brought visual cohesion and an engaging, modern style to the event’s presentations and video footage. My designs enhanced the multimedia experience for in-person and livestream audiences.

Through collaboration with Attest’s teams, I aligned my motion graphics with their brand vision and style guidelines. I crafted data narratives that could be distributed effectively across their target social, web, and broadcast platforms. In this role, I was able to apply my creative and technical skills to translate complex data into motion designs that clearly communicated insights. The project demonstrated my capabilities in transforming research information into compelling, accessible visual content.





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