As a Freelance Motion Graphic Designer, I worked with leading music streaming platform Spotify to create animations and motion graphics illustrating their new user privacy controls. The goal was to clearly communicate these enhanced features to customers through engaging and easy-to-understand motion graphics. This project enabled me to apply my animation skills to an important initiative for a major brand in the streaming music space.

For this project, I designed and animated a series of clean, dynamic graphics demonstrating how Spotify users can now fine-tune their privacy settings and tailor their listening experience. With bold shapes and typography, slick transitions and subtle animations, I crafted motion graphics that intuitively explained each new control while maintaining Spotify’s sleek aesthetic.

My animations visualized abstract concepts like data sharing and activity tracking in a simple yet visually striking style. I worked closely with Spotify’s product and design teams to ensure my motion graphics accurately represented the new functionality while aligning with their brand style-guide.

The animations I created enabled Spotify to effectively communicate the new privacy features to users in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. As a freelancer, I appreciated the chance to apply my motion design skills to simplify complex user controls for such a major platform. This project showcased my ability to take complicated concepts and transform them into straightforward, impactful motion graphics.


Spotify – Privacy Controls



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