I was approached by Copa 90 to work as a motion graphics designer and animator creating animated GIF stickers for a high-profile campaign celebrating the launch of the hugely popular EA Sports video game FIFA 21.

EA Sports commissioned these custom animated stickers to promote the latest iteration of their leading FIFA soccer video game franchise across social media. The animated stickers complemented their Win As One global marketing campaign for FIFA 21, which featured soccer stars like Kylian Mbappé and emphasized connecting players across the world through their shared love of soccer.

Given an open creative brief along with FIFA 21’s existing branding guidelines, I developed sticker designs that aligned with and helped inform the ‘Win as One’ campaign visual identity.

For this freelance project, I designed and animated a wide array of lively, eye-catching GIF stickers showcasing soccer scenes, player celebrations, fan reactions and more. Bringing these concepts to life allowed me to fully flex my creative muscles as a motion artist. My sticker animations authentically reflected the excitement and global appeal of the FIFA brand. I collaborated closely with EA Sports’ creative team to ensure the sticker designs aligned with their overall marketing vision.

Contributing my animation skills to this high-visibility campaign for such a major video game launch was an incredibly rewarding freelance experience. Seeing the viral spread of my animated stickers among FIFA and soccer fans worldwide was a career highlight. This project demonstrated my talents for creating engaging animations tailored for promotion across social media.


FIFA 21 : Win as One



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