Rio Olympics 2016

As a freelance motion designer, I was thrilled to contribute my talents to the prestigious branding agency Lambie-Nairn London on animated graphics for the International Olympic Committee’s channel covering the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. My role was to design dynamic motion idents for table tennis and basketball that embodied the spirit of athletic competition.

For this project, I developed animations that conveyed the motion and action of each sport through bold and dynamic visuals. I designed identities with a sense of energy and vibrancy in line with the sports. My approach utilized kinetic motion and active camera movements to create visually engaging animations suited to representing the competitive nature of the sports. I aimed to craft designs that translated the excitement and momentum of the sports into lively and vivid graphic identities.

I collaborated with Lambie-Nairn’s creative team to ensure my designs aligned with their vision for modern and engaging graphic representations of these Olympic events. My animations were utilized in the channel’s coverage of table tennis and basketball competitions. This project provided an opportunity to have my motion graphic work featured as part of high-profile sports media programming.

In this freelance role, I contributed motion graphics to media coverage of a major global sporting event. This project provided an opportunity to apply my design skills in developing identities and graphics suited to representing competitive sports.





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