As a freelance motion designer, I collaborated with the UK agency Thinking Juice on animated graphics for British heritage fashion brand Barbour International. Barbour sought to showcase their long legacy of innovation through a campaign featuring high-profile Instagram influencers. My role was to develop motion graphics that would highlight the brand’s history for this influencer-focused campaign.

This influencer-geared campaign was an opportunity for my custom motion work to fuse Barbour’s storied origins with a fresh, contemporary look that would resonate with a wider demographic. I aimed to design lively yet polished animations that honored the brand’s legacy while feeling modern, energetic and forward-thinking.

For this project, I drew creative inspiration from Barbour’s 128-year heritage while leveraging innovative motion techniques to craft graphics with energy and vibrancy. Through fresh and modern animated titles and typography, I worked closely with Thinking Juice’s creative team and in particular the Director, to ensure my designs aligned with their vision but also dictated the pace and flow of the brand film.

The lively animated titles and text I created were incorporated into Barbour’s marketing materials to showcase their longstanding brand history. As a freelance motion designer, this project enabled me to blend traditional heritage elements with innovative motion graphics for an esteemed British brand. It exemplified my skills in fusing tradition and modern motion design.


Barbour International – The Badge of an Original


Barbour International

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