As a freelance motion designer, I was brought on to create engaging animated videos for HOFr, an innovative US-based mobile gaming startup. HOFr needed motion graphics to showcase its new trivia app focused on sports, film, and pop culture for advertising and social media campaigns. This project allowed me to apply my animation skills to promote a fresh gaming app on emerging platforms.

For this project, I utilized green screen footage of presenters provided by HOFr’s studio to design and animate promotional videos. I animated typography, graphics, and edits with an aesthetic aligned to the fast-paced trivia experience of HOFr’s app. My motion design approach aimed to connect the high-energy competitive nature of the mobile game with the visual style of the videos. I leveraged bold colors and dynamic motion to support the overall messaging and branding for various advertising campaigns.

My graphics aimed to highlight the fun, social elements of the app through dynamic movements tailored for both paid ads and social content. Working closely with the HOFr team, I was able to ensure that my designs aligned with the company’s messaging and brand personality.

It was very satisfying to see how my vibrant animations helped spread the word about this imaginative mobile gaming app. As a freelancer, the chance to put my animation skills to work for an innovative brand like HOFr was an impressive opportunity. This project exemplified my talent for designing graphics that engage audiences and express a brand’s unique energy.


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